Tile Tornado – Floor and Tile Cleaner 500ml


Tile Tornado Floor and Tile Cleaner will show results in a whoosh. Lifting the old grease and grime up is the first sign that it is working. The bio-enzymes work to break apart the build-up of grease and organic waste on the floor and grout. Tile tornado gives you up to 20 washes.

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Tile Tornado Floor and Tile Cleaner will give a significant improvement in the floor’s appearance after the first wash, mop, or scrub and a noticeably improved traction (less slippage). This bio-enzymatic product specially formulated to digest oils, grease, and other dirt (organic waste) on floors leaves an invisible film which continues to digest the oils and grease even after regular cleaning. Following the in-depth cleaning of floors will result in leaving them cleaner, less slippery, with no terrible smells. It contains a powerful formulation of nutrients, stimulants, and surface agents producing excellent performance.

The micro-organisms work during and after the initial cleaning is done. They penetrate into cracks and crevices of floor surfaces to degrade and digest spills, grease, and other accumulated organic material leaving floors visibly cleaner with improved traction.


Add 25-50ml (depending on application) of Tile Tornado to 3-5l of warm water.

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