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Throne Bandit Bathroom Cleaner is a syndicate of bacteria that yields various enzymes to clean and break down grease and to eliminate and control odours. This biological cleaning process makes it a leading bathroom, toilet, and urinal cleaner.

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Throne Bandit Bathroom Cleaner uses bacteria that consider protein as food and then vigorously work to produce an army of hard working extracellular enzymes. This makes Throne Bandit Bathroom Cleaner, technologically, the most advanced formulation on the South African market.

Fascinating teamwork emerges as the produced enzymes feverishly break down proteins, starches, fats, oils, greases, urine, esters, and toilet tissue into smaller particles outside the bacterial cells. The bacteria then rapidly transport smaller particles to be used as energy to produce yet more cellular components, functioning as a highly efficient super-cleaning biologically friendly system.


  • Drain pipes: Degrades and eliminates organics in it. Regularly add Throne Bandit Bathroom Cleaner to maintain a cleaner and odour-free system.
  • Septic and waste treatment: Maintains effective activity in septic systems, eliminating the need for excessive pumping. Eliminates odours caused by incomplete digestion of stinking fatty acids.
  • Bathroom cleaning and odour control: Penetrates cracks, crevices, surface pores, leaving a visually cleaner surface. Provides long-term odour control as it removes built-up organics that cause odours.


Spray on surface and scrub or wipe clean.

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