Cave Rave – All Purpose Cleaner 1L


Cave Rave All Purpose Cleaner is a double-action concentrate with extended cleaning capability from the floor to the top (stoves/ovens/refrigerators/etc.) to the wall to the ceiling. This highly advanced formulation removes greasy soils and provides immediate cleaning of surface soils, floors, and hard surfaces.

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Cave Rave All Purpose Cleaner has a patented bacterial colony which attacks the most resistant grease, oil, and fat deposits while producing increased levels of multi-enzymes. This combination is potent to break down stubborn grease and organic soils.

Regular use of Cave Rave All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate removes layer upon layer of embedded grime. Continued use will prevent future build-up of organic soil and grime, will keep the floor truly deep-clean, odour-free, and will also keep at bay any potentially harmful micro-organisms.

Cave Rave All Purpose Cleaner contains a live bacterial colony that competes with other micro-organisms for available food sources. That is why it needs to remain on the surface for a while before scrubbing and rinsing. The produced multi-enzymes actually out-compete other harmful micro-organisms as it multiplies at a phenomenal rate working for up to 80 hours after application.


Cave Rave All Purpose Cleaner:

  • Is specifically designed for cleaning floors, ovens, hard surfaces, and throughout the kitchen.
  • Deep-cleans floors and grout by removing grease and grime that collects in the surface pores.
  • Eliminates the greasy floor coating that causes slipperiness.
  • Improves freshness by controlling odours from residual organics inside irregular floor surfaces.
  • Degrades residual organic soils that serve as unwanted food for insects and other pests.
  • Eradicates potential harmful microorganisms.


Spray on surface and let it stand for up to three minutes then scrub and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

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