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Savage Green Anti-Oger Laundry Powder is double concentrated, environmentally friendly, with multi-enzymes. It yields up to 40 washes of 5kg dry weight with high wash performances at low temperatures, saving you electricity costs. You do not require a any softener and there will be no skin allergies with this product.

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The primary task of the multi-enzymes in our Anti-Oger Laundry Powder is to remove stains, it also improve whiteness and anti-re-deposition, conserve colour, and protect the fabric. These multi-enzymes team up to remove complex stains such as blood.

Benefits of Anti-Oger Laundry Powder

Anti-Oger Laundry Powder is an all-round turbo-charge stain removal booster, with a whitening effect for any laundry. This favourite laundry companion makes even set-in stains disappear naturally. Anti-Oger Laundry Powder prefers working at low temperatures (high temperatures may impede the enzyme’s performance), reducing your electricity bill to boost your finances as well. Anti-Oger Laundry Powder’s biodegradable formula allows its non-toxic surfactants and multi-enzymes to break down after the washing, allowing it to be absorbed back into nature without causing any harm. It has no added phosphorus, is low in sodium, and is suitable to be used as grey water. Anti-Oger Laundry Powder with its active multi-enzymes will break down and remove:

  • Proteins: meat, blood, grass, milk, egg, etc.
  • Lipids: lard, fat, grease, vegetable oil, etc.
  • Mannans: food texturisers, thickeners, etc.
  • Starches: rice, corn, potato, pasta, etc.

It will also improve whiteness and prevent re-deposition of soil particles.


Front and top-loader automatic laundry machines

  • Use 5ml per 1kg of dry-weight laundry for standard to moderately soiled laundry.
  • Use 10ml per1 kg of dry-weight laundry for heavily soiled laundry.
  • Set wash temperature at 30-40°C.


Separate whites from colours, then soak, agitate, rinse.

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Dimensions 15 x 15 x 11.5 cm

1 review for Anti-Oger – Laundry Powder 1Kg

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sonja Griffin

    Hi. Excellent product. Washing powder and Liquid. The quantity that is recommended for usage may seem ridiculously too little for the amount I was used to use with normal brand market Washing powder but believe me I was amazed. I actually used more than what was recommended and my washing came out with white flocks that I brushed off with my hand with no soap marks on my washing. I have washing with a lot of grime etc. I did not even soak the washing before hand and with one single wash – clean. Thank you Savage Green for a remarkable product and excellent service with a smile. I highly recommend it.

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