About Us

We’re a family business with a passion for protecting our environment.

We’re living on a farm outside Pretoria. Since we moved to the farm during 2012, we started to realise how interdependent we are from nature. Prior to 2012, we never understood how fragile nature is and how seriously it depends on people to balance the scale to ensure our planet’s survival.

Our French drain kept clogging up before we comprehended that the toxic chemicals that we used at that time disturbed its ecosystem. We couldn’t use our grey water on our lawn because it contained chemicals from washing powder as that could drain and contaminate our borehole water which is the only water supply that we have.

We then realised that we needed to be educated in ‘green products’ to adapt our way of living. Here we are today, passionate about conserving nature and building our future by educating others and by selling green cleaning products.