Go Green, Go Savage

The power of nature bottled and delivered to your door for your home, your clothes and your hands.

  • Eco Friendly

    Not hazardous to man, beast, and is a hundred percent environmentally friendly!

  • Non Caustic

    Our cleaning products are manufactured with a base of enzymes and certain types of friendly bacteria that are found in every living organism.

  • Enzyme Powered

    Multi active enzymes to break down and remove dirt such as proteins and starches from any material or hard surface.

Go Hunting!


Great price. Environmentally friendly and safe to use around the kennels (Great Odor Killer) and the septic tank hasn’t clogged up since the first use. Excellent service and timely shipping!Labrelle Dog Academy

lets throw you a stone!

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Our Savage Products

Dishwash Thug

Dishwash Liquid

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Anti-Oger Powder

Laundry Powder

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Anti-Oger Liquid

Laundry Liquid

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Cave Rave

All Purpose Cleaner

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Tile Tornado

Floor and Tile Cleaner

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Throne Bandit

Bathroom Cleaner

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Yuck Cannibal

Drain Cleaner

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